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The journal Food and Feed Research (ISSN 2217-5369) aims to distribute scientific and timely information for the academic community and industry relevant to processing and technology of food and feed. It covers fundamental and applied research in the following, as well as related, fields:

  • Raw and processed food/feed materials: Quality, structure, physical properties.
  • Food/feed technology: Development, production and processing of food and feed. Food/feed engineering. Characterisation of food/feed ingredients and final products.
  • Biotechnology: Application of biotechnology to plants, animals and microorganisms related to food/feed production and processing, and fermentation technology.
  • Functional, and traditional food, as well as food with geographical origin.
  • Nutrition and health: Human and animal nutrition. Enhancing health and wellness with novel and functional foods/feeds nutraceuticals, (but not pharmaceuticals) or food/feed supplementation. Evaluation of feed, including chemical methods, animal models and in vivo / in vitro testing systems.
  • Food and feed safety: Microbiological food/feed safety, including novel processes and packaging. Risk assessment and risk management techniques.
  • Sensory and consumer sciences: Perception and evaluation of characteristics of foods and beverages including flavour, appearance, labelling and texture. Consumer behaviour issues, including acceptability, preference and other factors related to cultural issues and product image.
  • Analytical techniques and methods in food and feed research.
  • Food/feed quality assurance and environmental issues.

The journal Food and Feed Research publishes peer-reviewed original scientific papers, short communications, review articles and mini-reviews (e.g. books, dissertations).